Inner Core Fitness
by Kathleen Pagnini
How To Use Your Pelvic Floor To Gain Bladder Control, Reduce Back Pain,  Have Better Sex And Lose Belly Fat
Without Surgery, Pills, Pads, Crunches, Kegels Or Working Out Like A Maniac...
Discover the secrets to more pelvic floor control from the industry expert, all WITHOUT doing Kegels
"I am inspired by how the work increases body awareness & improves core facilitation. Kathleen’s enthusiasm is contagious and I am excited about her work as a vehicle to helping many who suffer from incontinence and chronic pain." -  Mary G.
Kathleen Pagnini is an Inner Core and Pelvic Floor Specialist, originally from Los Angeles. She has lived all over the world and has owned and managed multiple fitness facilities. In 2009, she was selected to mentor privately with world renowned OBGYN, Dr. Theresa Nesbitt, Women’s Wellness Specialist, to study and develop a Revolutionary Scientific Breakthrough System for women’s health, addressing leaking urine issues, back pain, improved sexual function, and having a smaller waist — all without maniac workouts, pills, pads, surgery, Kegels, or crunches. She teaches her method in the US and Italy.
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